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   Chungrui Worldunion Assets Appraisal Group Co., Ltd.   is a subsidiary company of CHUNG RUI International., by the Ministry of Finance approved by the SFC to obtain"qualification certificate" Securities and futures related business assessment, with the securities business asset appraisal qualification. It was selected to national top 100 by the Chinese Asset Evaluation Association for many years, it ranked 16th. in the national comprehensive evaluation in 2016, and the annual total revenue ranked 5th.

    Major service areas:securities assets assessment, financial assets assessment, forestry assessment,evaluation of intangible assets, enterprise value assessment, the foreign-related investigation.

   Chungrui Worldunion Assets Appraisal Group Co., Ltd.  existing employees 92 people, of which: certified asset appraiser registered real estate valuers to 82 people, 8 people, 10 peopleregistered land valuer, division of mining right evaluation registered 4 people, 1 people of doctoral, graduate student 6 people, undergraduate 68 people, seniorfinancial personnel 52 people, senior engineering and technical personnel 19 people. Has provided evaluation and consultation services for many large domestic state-owned enterprises and listing Corporation, has accumulated richexperience in assessment. Training of employees, we unified strictly, establish standard work procedures and strict control. We have the advantage of highquality, high efficiency of work, and the use of professional knowledge and experience to further add value for customers.

    We are committed to enterprises with foreign investment, the Multi-National Corporation, the domestic large and medium-sized private enterprises and othertypes of enterprises to provide a high level of the scale of assets assessment,management consulting and other services.

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  Chungrui Worldunion Assets Appraisal Group Co., Ltd.  establishes the complete internal management system....

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  Chungrui Worldunion Assets Appraisal Group Co., Ltd.   has established the two offices in Hong Kong and...

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  Chungrui Worldunion Assets Appraisal Group Co., Ltd.   service tenet is “ Independence, Objectiveness and...

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