“Audit system of governmental financial reports is helpful to establish a sunny government”
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  Mr. Yuanquan He is exclusively interviewed by China Accounting News

  China accounting News is a unique national financial newspaper and it daily releases the newest accounting news including regulations, policies and dynamic news.

  On January 30, 2015, the journalist of China Accounting News exclusively interviews Mr. Yuanquan He, CEO and executive partner of China Regal CPAs. the topic of this interview is “ Establishment and improvement for auditing & disclosing system of governmental financial report”. Mr. Yuanquan He says: “The Ministry of Finance publishes ‘Reform scheme for auditing governmental consolidated financial report’, this scheme specifies that governmental consolidated financial reports will be audited according to the requirements, the audited reports will be submitted to and kept in the local Standing Committee of the people's Congress, these audited reports also need to be disclosed to the public regularly. That is a good opportunity for accounting firms to explore and develop their business. Currently, some CPAs are not familiar with requirements for auditing the governmental consolidated financial reports. So, it is necessary for us to train our CPAs timely and regularly and it is only way for us to undertake the above audit works”. Mr. He continues: ” Based on actual circumstance of China, the main body for auditing the governmental financial reports is still the governmental audit departments. At the same time, accounting agencies may accept this work too”.

  The article named “Audit system of governmental financial reports is helpful to establish a sunny government” is published in following 312 period of China Accounting News.

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