China Accounting News Weekly [No.238]2014.9.29-2014.10.12
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  Li Keqiang: reinforce audit to guarantee fairness and justice

  Beijing CPA Association issued 2013 industry development report

  This year saw an income of 11.659 billion yuan for CPA industry in Beijing, with a year-on-year growth of 6.65%, falling far behind of last year’s growth rate of 12.72%. According to analysis of Beijing CPA Association, five causes were to blame for the slump in business incomes: reduced charges resulting from excessive competition in the industry and; mandatory rotation of audit in large state-owned enterprises and bidding system which led to reduced charges; suspended audit of IPO; limited market space for expansion; trans-regional transfer of incomes.

  Since December, coal resource tax has been based on ad valorem collection

  The tax rate will be determined, based on the stipulated range, by the provincial government.

  State Administration of Taxation: initial practice of exempted tax registration examination in Shanghai Free Trade Zone

  The time length for certificate handling has been cut down from previous 4 days to 3 days. And it takes only half a day to go through procedures in tax authorities. Taxpayers are able to handle 32 tax-related matters without leaving home.

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