China Accounting News Weekly[No.260]
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  China will unify social credit codes completed before the end of 2017

  The industrial and commercial registration numbers of industrial and commercial departments, the organ and institution certificate numbers of institution preparation departments, the social organization registration numbers of civil affairs departments, the organization codes of organization code management departments, the institution credit codes of the People’s Bank, the taxpayer identification numbers of the State Administration of Taxation and other legal person and organization social credit codes will soon be unified. The industrial and commercial departments will implement from October 1, 2015, and other registration management departments before the end of 2015. Several especially difficult fields shall not implement later than the end of 2020.

  The State and Local Tax Bureau Cooperation Standard will be tried out from July

  “The State and Local Tax Bureau Cooperation Standard (V1.0)” will be tried out on July 1. The state and local tax bureau cooperation aims to integrate service resources, strengthen service combination, and solve current problems of taxpayers’ “multiple runs”, repeated data submission, etc.

  The Ministry of Finance starts national accounting and financial supervision and inspection

  The inspection covers the practice quality of large accounting firms, grain production circulation enterprises, electronic information enterprises, electric vehicle, wind power and other new energy enterprises, the accounting information quality of unlisted local financial institutions, etc.

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