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  Qualification for being branch or sub-company of China Regal Group

  One. General requirements for being a branch or sub-company of China Regal Group

  A. Having a fixed operation site, locating in commercial office building, office area is over 100 square meters;

  B. Having good local client resources.

  Two. Requirements for joining China Regal International Assets Appraisal Limited

  A. Having over 6 certified public appraisers;

  B. Partner has done appraisal works for over 3 years in a row and has not received any punishments within last 3 years;

  C. Annual business income is over CNY 1 million, guaranteeing that annual growth rate of business income is not less than 20%.

        Three.  Requirements for being sub-company (member firm) of China Regal Group

  A. Having registered in local Industrial & Commercial authority and having actual business;

  B. Annual business income is not lower than CNY 1 million;

  C. Taking “China Regal” as prefix of company’s name is a Must.

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